And finally the MoBro's give their guide to small Finland. Because sometimes small talk can lead to big things... - you case you want to donate.

And some "behind the scenes" of Aardman animator (and MoBro) Will Beecher posing the MoBro's for their Gen Mo shot.

...and denying a MoBro his sauna time? Well that is up there with heresy and treason. It's just not the done thing.

Finally we have Steve. He's English all the way. He's actually named after a place in England...Stevenage.

Where he was conceived.

He's also a MoBro.

Clarence...he's also Finnish. No one knows why he is called Clarence.

He just is.

He gets hit in the head a lot because he plays goalie. The effect of this has caused him to lose his inhibitions when it comes to engaging with other un-Finn. His doctor is currently researching a cure.

He is also a MoBro.

Peta is a Finn through and through. In the morning he spends ten minutes clearing the snow off his car...just in time for the street plough to dump it all back on. Then he clears it again and drives to work, still on time. If a colleague asked, "How was your morning?", Peta would reply, "Fine".

Because that is how Finnish he is.

He's also a MoBro.